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About Us

Mission Statement.

At Lollipop Tree Nurseries we believe every child is special. We seek to give our children the very best by creating a place where play is valued and where children have fun and learn through exciting challenging experiences. We provide a stimulating learning environment both inside and out in which children of all abilities will have
opportunities to develop social, emotional, physical and cognitive skills, becoming both confident and independent learners.


Partnership with Parents.

At Lollipop tree we recognise that good relationships with parents/carers are vital to a child’s well being.
Therefore we operate an open door policy. You are welcome to speak to your child’s key worker at the beginning or end of the session and your child’s “Learning Journey” is available for you to view at any time.

Regular news letters and annual staff/parent consultations help parents stay fully informed.

We have a full portfolio of policies and procedures including Safeguarding, S.E.N.D and Complaints. These are always available for you to read at the beginning and end of each session and can be e mailed to you on request.


Our Approach to Learning.

At Lollipop Tree we are required by law to follow the Early Years Foundation Stage – a document for us, as early years providers, to help us support your child’s learning and development.

As they explore and learn, children are naturally drawn to play. Play is recognised as so important to their well-being and development that the right to play is set down in the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. There is a significant body of knowledge showing that many forms of play combined with skilful adult support and interaction is crucial in children making good progress.

As practitioners we select from a range of strategies – including a balance of child initiated play, actively supported by adults, and more focused learning with adults guiding the learning through playful, rich experimental activities. Matching what we do to the needs of each and every child individually and identifying the best way for them to learn at that time. We recognise that learning is both individual and social. Young children are not passive learners, they enjoy participating in hands- on and brains- on activities. We encourage your child to ask questions, make choices and to seek knowledge during the session, thus building knowledge, skills and understanding.

We feel it is fundamental to ensure that the children feel known and valued as individuals, safe and well cared for. We respect each child’s own rate of development so that children are not rushed and are supported to achieve at their own pace. We plan varied and interesting new experiences to stimulate learning alongside opportunities for children to revisit, practise and enjoy a sense of mastery.